Tax Planning & Preparation

Much more than what you're used to.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax preparation is an annual event, but tax planning is a process. Proactive tax planning is at the heart of our work at Davidson Accounting. At every turn, we account for what’s already happened, what is happening, and what is expected to take place in the future. This approach is unique among accounting firms because we don’t embrace the past-focused perspective held by our industry. We see the enormous benefit to be gained from viewing financial events in a longitudinal context. We look forward regardless of our client’s focus to give them a more circumspect view of their financial position.

Know what tomorrow will look like.

Davidson Accounting delivers comprehensive tax services in order to achieve the most accurate planning possible. We conduct day-to-day bookkeeping and cash management services to ensure precision and complete compliance. At the same time, we consider those details in the context of the next one, five, or ten years. Our clients discover our firm when they realize they don’t know what tomorrow is going to look like. They stay with us because we consistently show them.  

Qualified Enrolled Agents

Our team goes beyond ensuring your personal tax compliance by representing you before the IRS. The most important time when individuals must rely on representatives is in the case of an unprecedented financial event. When a business sale, stock option, or inheritance dramatically alters an individual’s financial landscape, the situation must be managed strategically. You can count on Davidson Accounting to represent your personal interests effectively before the IRS. We’ve helped our clients through a myriad of financial events, both anticipated and sudden, and have the perspective to facilitate positive outcomes.