Non-Profit Management

Be the change you want to see.

Our Clients are Non-Profit Board Members.

At Davidson Accounting Company, we work exclusively in the service of clients. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the impact that poor non-profit management can have on the individuals personally invested in an affected non-profit organization. To serve on the board of a non-profit is to advocate in the interest of that entity. It involves a great deal of trust and dedication. We understand the toll taken on personal reputation when a non-profit fails to maintain compliance, loses non-profit status, and is forced to return the funds its board has worked so hard to secure. Non-Profit Management Advisory is among our firm’s service offerings because the success of these organizations is essential to the personal legacies of our clients.  

Expert Advisory to Non-Profit Organizations.

Our team serves as a resource to the boards of non-profit organizations in an advisory role. Drawing on a seasoned pool of tax professionals and certified financial planners, Davidson Accounting assures consistent compliance. We’re familiar with the regulations by which non-profits are bound, and we are able to advise them as entities in a manner similar to our advising of high-income individuals. We help non-profits retain compliance despite turbulent circumstances by monitoring meeting requirements, stated objectives, and comingling of funds. Our goal at all times is to preserve the interests of the organization and its board while also planning for financial change and minimizing costly risk exposure.