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Unfortunately, pain is usually the catalyst that leads individuals to seek more from their tax preparers. Most people approach tax time retroactively rather than proactively. It takes a significant financial event to reveal that planning is the missed opportunity at the root of most tax-related pain.   If you’ve been on the wrong end of an unforeseen tax situation, Davidson Accounting can help you keep your financial future in focus. We can help turn potential tax surprises into managed events. And if you’ve avoided tax pain up to this point, we’ll make sure no upcoming development can rock your foundation.

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When you visit our firm, you’ll sit down with one of our principals to get to the heart of your tax vulnerability. The goal of this initial conversation is to build understanding as to what our relationship should be. If you’re in a situation that could be significantly improved by our forward-focused approach to individual tax planning and preparation, we’ll lay out specifics as to how we’ll proceed. If your situation would be better addressed by a uniquely specialized entity, we’ll be happy to connect you with resources. In exchange for an hour, you could secure personal financial insight for a lifetime.

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James Blakey

Senior Partner CFP® EA - As a Certified Financial Planner, James Blakey brings unique and invaluable perspective to personal tax planning and preparation for clients. Thanks to daily oversight of significant financial events, James is able to foresee and mitigate the impact such potentially life-altering events have on his individual clients. In collaboration with the Davidson Accounting Company team, James leverages his expertise to empower clients and stabilize their finances over the long term.


Keith Stabasefski

Tax Planner CFP® EA - Keith’s extensive investment insight helps him to strategically advise his clients with regard to stock sales and dividends. He advocates for his clients on a very personal basis, searching for options that are particularly beneficial for each individual’s circumstances. As an asset to the Davidson Accounting team, Keith is able to respond to unforeseen circumstances with informed and deliberate action.

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