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In many ways, Davidson Accounting Company is an exception to the industry norm for tax preparation organizations. We cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration designed to support the interests of our clients. Our goal is to put every aspect of tax planning and preparation into the hands of an eminently capable professional. We are happy to work with trusted advisors already in place, or to refer work to specialized colleagues. We do not operate on volume, but rather focus on the holistic financial wellbeing of each individual client over the long term. The result is a comfortable relationship of trust based on advocacy, stability, and genuine common interest.

We are a forward-thinking firm delivering transformative tax planning.

James Blakey


Senior Partner CFP® EA - As a Certified Financial Planner, James Blakey brings unique and invaluable perspective to personal tax planning and preparation for clients. Thanks to daily oversight of significant financial events, James is able to foresee and mitigate the impact such potentially life-altering events have on his individual clients. In collaboration with the Davidson Accounting Company team, James leverages his expertise to empower clients and stabilize their finances over the long term.

ray burrows


Certified Public Accountant - Serving as a Certified Public Accountant for Davidson Accounting, Ray primarily provides guidance to individuals with his expertise in tax planning and tax return preparation. Additionally, Ray assists companies with book keeping, accounting and record keeping. Ray’s astute attention to detail and willingness to dive head first into the weeds of finance allow clients to achieve their fiscal goals while avoiding common pitfalls many people face. Diligently, Ray analyzes day to day tax revisions to ensure Davidson Accounting stays current with ever changing tax law.

Ray’s numerous years of accounting and investment experience prove valuable to our clients. Although taxes carry an impersonal reputation, Ray relishes the prospect of taking a glimpse into the personal life of clients in order to best serve them. Ray’s people first approach demonstrates his dedication to all who require his services. Too often, people are burdened by the impression that taxes are assets owed, however, Ray insists that if done properly, taxes instead result in value added. Whether it’s assisting a small business with their taxes or helping a client’s teenager file taxes correctly, Ray delights in the opportunity to educate our clientele on tax implications that directly affect them.

Ray graduated from Clarkson University with an Accounting and Finance double major. In 2018, he completed the New York City marathon. Outside of work he spends time with family and participates in endurance sports.

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